The purpose of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is:

  • To promote, provide, preserve and manage within the State of Nebraska parks, recreation areas, historical parks and structures, wildlife management areas, rest stops, open spaces, camping areas, agricultural lands, game and fish hatcheries, natural resources, scenic area, habitat areas, conservation and ecological areas, game farms, recreation grounds and waters and all things pertaining thereto;
  • To preserve or aid in the preservation of all types of wild nature, including natural areas, features, objects, flora and fauna, and biotic communities;
  • To establish nature reserves or other protected areas to be used for scientific, educational and aesthetic purposes;
  • To promote the conservation and proper use of natural resources;
  • To engage in or promote the study of plant and animal communities and of other phases of ecology, natural history, conservation, and fish and wildlife management;
  • To promote education in the fields of nature preservation and conservation;
  • To educate and act as a resource for governmental entities, public officials and the general public with respect to parks, recreation, open space, fish and wildlife management, conservation, and ecological, historical and natural resources;
  • To contribute to and cooperate with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and other private and governmental organizations duly authorized to carry on activities which aid or benefit the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission;
  • To pre-acquire real and personal property earmarked for government purchase until public funds become available.