How to Contribute

There are a number of ways to contribute to the Foundation and receive substantial tax benefits as a result. The Foundation’s legal counsel can even work with you or your attorney to accomplish your goals.

Your contribution may take many forms including:

  • Direct contributions of cash or gifts
    • either as an individual or corporation
  • Bequests of cash, land or property in your will
  • Conservation easements
  • Life estates
    • Under the terms of a life estate, you retain use of property during your lifetime but still realize a tax advantage during your life.  Contact your attorney for advice.
  • Land and real estate
  • Trusts
  • Split life insurance
    • Under this scenario, the annuity is given to the Foundation and can be used as an annual tax deduction while you receive the benefit of an ordinary whole life policy.  Contact your attorney and/or insurance professional for advice.