“The pennies, nickels and dimes of schoolchildren are as important as help from our most successful corporate enterprises.”
Eugene T. Mahoney

Gene Mahoney, former director of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, spoke these words when the Foundation was established in 1983. And they have proven true.

The Foundation’s contributor list includes $4.90 from a first-grader to help maintain the fish hatchery at Crawford, $75,000 from The World-Herald Foundation for the nature center at Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium and a gift of a 7,000-acre ranch in Cherry County.

Gifts have been in every imaginable size and type—from fragile natural areas to unique historic places, from much-needed wildlife habitat to cash for park and recreational facilities.

Your contributions are tax deductible. You can earmark even the smallest donation to your favorite project or area of the state. Many gifts have come as memorials to loved ones who had a particular love for Nature.

Please consider a contribution to the Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation.

How to Contribute

There are a number of ways to contribute to the Foundation during your lifetime and receive substantial tax benefits as a result. Contact your attorney for legal advice on setting up your donation. The Foundation’s legal counsel will work with your attorney to accomplish your goals.

Your contribution may take many forms including:

  • Direct contributions of cash or gifts—either as an individual or corporation
  • Bequests of cash, land or property in your will
  • Conservation easements
  • Life estates
  • Land and real estate
  • Trusts
  • Split life insurance