Drawing Your Winners

  • You may draw winners “live” during your event, or do so after the event.  It’s your choice. However, please draw a couple of alternates after the event as winners occasionally change  their minds.
  • As soon as possible after your drawing, please return ALL entry forms (not just the winners!) to Nebraska Game and Parks Commission headquarters. Be sure to mark the winning entries  so we can identify them.   Mail all entry forms to:

Youth Lifetime Permit Program
c/o Kathy Rowlands
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
P.O. Box 30370
Lincoln, NE  68503-0370

  • Winners will have the opportunity to purchase a lifetime permit at one half the regular price. The other half will be paid by the Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation.
  • Winners will be contacted by NGPC staff to verify that they want to purchase the permit and to obtain the required information and method of payment.  Permit will be issued at that time.
  • A list of winners will be released to the media and published on the NGPC web site.